The aim of this project is to build a Qur'anic ontology to represent the knowledge contained in the Qur'an, so far we had represented the following concepts: Chapter, Verse, Word, Pronoun reference, topic , Location, Living Creation and Event. We are working currently to add more concepts to the ontology.

If you are interested in working with us in this project you can contact us at : admin@quranontology.com

Important : The data available in this project is still under review and validation, therefore it can be modified in the final version of the project.

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Author Aimad Hakkoum
Version 1.0
Triples count 1 302 459
SPARQL Endpoint http://www.quranontology.com/Sparql
links:dbpedia/wikipedia 180
links:bibleontology 47
links:mlode.nlp2rdf.org/semanticquran 83 669
links:corpus.quran.com 77 532