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Type Resource Uri Label
Miracle qur:resource/SavingIbrahimFromFire Saving Ibrahim from fire
Miracle qur:resource/MosesStickTransformationInTuwa Moses stick transformation to a snake
Miracle qur:resource/DeadManResurrection Resurrection of the dead man in the story of the cow
Miracle qur:resource/MosesStrikingTheSea Moses striking in the sea with his stick
Miracle qur:resource/IbrahimRequestToGod Request of Ibrahim to God to show him how to revive the dead
Miracle qur:resource/MiracleOfMosesHand Miracle of Moses hand
Miracle qur:resource/MosesRequestSeeingGod Moses requesting to see God
Miracle qur:resource/JesusTalkInTheCradle Jesus spoke in the cradle
Miracle qur:resource/JesusCreatingBirdFromClay Jesus creating a bird from clay
Miracle qur:resource/JesusHealingTheBlind Jesus healing the blind and the leprous
Miracle qur:resource/JesusRevivalOfDead Jesus revival of the dead
Miracle qur:resource/JesusTidingsOfMuhammed Jesus tidings of Muhammad
Miracle qur:resource/JesusLiftedToTheSky Jesus lifted to the sky
Miracle qur:resource/JesusDescent The descent of Jesus before the judgment day
Miracle qur:resource/TableDecent The descent of the table on the apostles
Miracle qur:resource/MosesStruckStone Moses struck in stone
Miracle qur:resource/OutputCamelFromStone Output camel from stone
Miracle qur:resource/ResurrectionOfSeventyIsraelite Resurrection of seventy people from the Israelite
Miracle qur:resource/RevelationOfTorahToMoses Revelation of the Torah to Moses
Miracle qur:resource/ThurElevation Raising Mount Tur above the Israelites
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