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HistoricEvent qur:resource/AbrahamSmashingIdols Abraham smashing the idols
HistoricEvent qur:resource/AttempToBurnIbrahim Attempt to burn Ibrahim
HistoricEvent qur:resource/Creation-Of-Adam Creation of Adam
HistoricEvent qur:resource/Creation-Of-Eve Creation of Eve
HistoricEvent qur:resource/Eating-from-forbidden-tree Adam and Eve eating from the forbidden tree
HistoricEvent qur:resource/Fall-Of-Adam-and-Eve Fall of Adam and Eve from heaven
HistoricEvent qur:resource/AdoptionOfPharaohToMoses Adoption of Pharaoh to Moses
HistoricEvent qur:resource/PharaohPickingMoses People of Pharaoh picking Moses from the Nile
HistoricEvent qur:resource/AlkhadirBreachTheShip Al-khadir breach of the ship
HistoricEvent qur:resource/MosesMeetingAlkhadir Moses meeting with Al-khadir
HistoricEvent qur:resource/AlkhadirBuildingTheWall Al-khadir building the wall
HistoricEvent qur:resource/AlkhadirKillingTheBoy Al-khadir killing the boy
HistoricEvent qur:resource/AntiochPeopleDenial Denial of Antioch People
HistoricEvent qur:resource/AyoubAffliction Ayoub affliction
HistoricEvent qur:resource/AyoubHealing Ayoub healing
HistoricEvent qur:resource/AyoubPact Ayoub beat his wife with a package of Chmarikh
HistoricEvent qur:resource/BenjaminAccusedOfStealing Benjamin accused of stealing
HistoricEvent qur:resource/JosephRequestToHisBrothers Joseph asked his brothers to bring Benjamin
HistoricEvent qur:resource/BrothersOfYusufArrivalToEgypt The arrival of Joseph's brothers to Egypt
HistoricEvent qur:resource/JosephLeavingPrison Joseph get out from prison
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