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Type Resource Uri Label
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/Aad Aad
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/Quraysh Quraysh
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/PeopleOfPharaoh The people of Pharaoh
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/Al-AarafPeople Al-Aaraf People
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/ParentsOfKilledBoyByKhidr Parents of the boy whom Khidr killed
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/AlHawariyun Al Hawariyun
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/Children-of-Israel Children of Israel
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/Ansar Ansar
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/Muhajirun Muhajirun
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/PeopleOfAntioch People of Antioch
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/ArmyOfAhzab Army of Ahzab
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/ArmyOfPharaoh Army of Pharaoh
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/ArmyOfSolomon Army of Solomon
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/PeopleOfIbrahim The people of Ibrahim
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/BanuNadhir Jews of banu Nadhir
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/BanuQainuqa Jews of the bani Qainuqa
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/BanuQuraidha Jews of banu Quraidha
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/Bedouin Bedouin
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/BeliversWithShuayb The believers with prophet Shuaib
GroupOfPeople qur:resource/BrothersOfYusuf Brothers Of Yusuf
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