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Chapter qur:resource/quran1 The Opening
Chapter qur:resource/quran111 Al-Masad
Chapter qur:resource/quran74 Al-Muddaththir
Chapter qur:resource/quran2 Al-Baqara
Chapter qur:resource/quran8 The Spoils of War
Chapter qur:resource/quran83 Al-Mutaffifin
Chapter qur:resource/quran3 Aal-i-Imraan
Chapter qur:resource/quran33 Al-Ahzaab
Chapter qur:resource/quran4 An-Nisaa
Chapter qur:resource/quran99 Az-Zalzala
Chapter qur:resource/quran60 Al-Mumtahana
Chapter qur:resource/quran5 The Table
Chapter qur:resource/quran9 At-Tawba
Chapter qur:resource/quran48 Al-Fath
Chapter qur:resource/quran6 The Cattle
Chapter qur:resource/quran37 As-Saaffaat
Chapter qur:resource/quran15 Al-Hijr
Chapter qur:resource/quran7 Al-A'raaf
Chapter qur:resource/quran72 Al-Jinn
Chapter qur:resource/quran38 Saad
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